Welcome to Cubez.ca! We strive to provide a stress free experience for individuals interested in access to this amazing entheological medicine.


Q.) Are you legit?

A.) Psilocybin mushrooms are currently technically unlawful to possess, buy, or sell in Canada. Canadian authorities do not have a well documented history of prosecuting individuals for mushroom related crimes. Cubez.ca makes every effort to ensure that our clientele are kept in strict confidence. Additionally, you can read Health Canada’s perspective on magic mushrooms here. We are not the only vendors in the market; our prices are always the lowest. Cubez.ca encourages you to check out some of our competitors: https://buyshroomscanada.ca, https://www.shroomsdirect.ca, https://zoomiezonline.com, https://shroomdispensary.ca, https://www.bluegoba.com.

Q) How long does it take to receive the package once I’ve ordered?

A) OUR PRODUCTS ARE CURRENTLY ON BACKORDER. All orders will be shipped circa JULY 5th 2020. Cubez.ca can take up to 24 hours to process and ship your order. We ship Monday to Wednesday. We ship all parcels via Canada Post, which takes up to 5 days in certain areas.

Q) What does Cubez.ca do to protect clientele information?

A) We believe strongly in privacy and discretion, which means we do not collect your identity, subscribe you to mailing lists, or compile other metrics. Cubez.ca will delete your order from our database 1 month after your order so that in the unlikely situation that our website is compromised, your information will not be at risk. We take every effort to avoid detection, identification, and seizure of our clients’ orders. We will fight any warrant or subpoena which could lead to a compromise of our clients’ information with all our power, and we hope that our clients will do their part to help ensure a safe marketplace for this incredible medicine.

Q) I’m new to shrooms, what is a good first time dose?

A) We are not qualified to make dosage recommendations or prescribe mushrooms medicinally. If you have never taken mushrooms before, do your research before placing an order or taking mushrooms. Although mushrooms are safe, everybody’s experience is different and will depend on many physiological and environmental factors. The proper dosage is always custom and derived from an educated opinion.